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September 25, 2012 by The Battle of Football

This is war.

The battle field, a patch of grass. Each side with eleven players, each with their own special quality whether it be leadership, defensive tactical awareness, quick thinking or the ability to never miss a shot.

Throughout history, football has been a game which has brought nations together, created healthy (and unhealthy) rivalries and even pulled friendships, families, political parties and nations apart. It is a wonder how a round ball can do so much good and so much harm at the same time.

This blog has been created as a place to discuss the power of football, focusing on the Australian game. With a country still searching for an identity and style, Australian football continues to put smiles on faces, provide glimmers of hope and turn a grown man’s hair grey over night. It is this range of emotions that can turn a non-fan into a fanatic in just seconds.

Football is an addiction that is impossible to get rid of.

It is time, get ready for battle.

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September 2012

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