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After finding a guy’s jacket and contacting him through twitter, Peter was introduced into the world of social media journalism. And instantly, he was hooked.

It was through the outstanding team at The Football Sack that Peter was given the chance to write and talk about the every day warzone that is a patch of grass with a goal at each end. Through the creation of the critically acclaimed Football Sack Podcast, Peter has been acknowledged as one of the up and coming journalists as well as twitter personalities surrounding the round ball game in Australia.

Having worked alongside the magnificent Ann Odong a.k.a The Women’s Game in developing a football radio show focusing on discussing football at a local, national and international level, Beyond the 90 was born, nurtured, loved and then set free.

Now working for Football NSW as the Women’s Super League journalist, Peter has set in his sights revolutionising the way football is perceived in the public eye as more than just a game, it is a passion, a secret lover, an addiction.

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